On 30.10.2009 the record label Dandyland (www.dandyland.de, distribution: Cargo Records) will release the debut album “I´m Always Explaining To Mom How It Is Different Here” from UK-Darlings The Cedar.

The The Cedars debut has already been released in UK at the end of 2008 and referred to highly increasing popularity of the band, including appearances in Steve Lamacqs “BBC Radio 2 Show” and mind-stunning shows at Glastonbury in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

So what`s the deal with The Cedar? One day, The Cedar woke up in a garage with a bunch of instruments and started to play melodramatic Folk-Pop at it´s best. Their aim is obvious: writing songs heading for your heart with all instruments you can get at your local music-instrument dealer. While listening to sounds of guitar, ukulele, bass, glockenspiel, trumpet, drums, banjo, accordion and synth, you should be careful not to get too lost in the voices of Neil Gay and Emma Hooper.

Music like a wild children`s birthday of highly gifted kids with a tremendous addiction to folk-sounds, The Beatles and a lot of Theatre. But at the same time Neil Gays voice has the presence and strength of a singer-songwriter. It is definitely worth it giving his stories a listen. Watch out! This album is highly addictive!