Dandyland has a professional recording studio with experienced producers. Not only is it good fun to work with them, but they can also give you the right kick for your own success.
One of our producers is Rolf Kirschbaum. He has been working as a producer and technician for bands like Taj Mahal & the Culture Musical Club of Zanzibar (Mkutano), Taj Mahal and the Hula Blues Band (Hanapepe Dream), FEHLFARBEN (Die Platte des himmlischen Friedens), TRI CONTINENTAL (Drifting, Let's play), Freddy Roulette und die Holmes Brothers (Spirit of Steel), Mary Coughlan (Red Blues), The White Rose Transmission (700 Miles of desert), Carlo van Putten - The Convent & Adrian Borland - The Sound und Mark Burgess and the sons of god - The Chameleons (Live-Album).

Please convince yourself of our qualities.
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