Scarlatti Tilt
Scarlatti Tilt formed in Bristol in 2004, with the current line-up being cemented (after losing 2 members - one to misanthropy and the other to the MI5) in early 2005.

A shared love of all things tinged with melancholy meant that initial pop-ditties were abandoned in favour of something a little darker. Now referencing their own sinister world, the songs evoke tales of debauched joyful nights, followed by sorrowful mornings, against a backdrop of barrooms and bedrooms.

Funded purely by determination and enthusiasm, the band formed their own label, Simmo Publications Ltd and released The One Under EP. A jaunt around the UK, in support of the EP, proved successful, despite double bookings with grindcore-metal bands and having to sleep in drug dens along the way.

With all speeding tickets from the tour now paid, the band re-entered the studio to work on their debut album – Gathering of the Haunted. Released February 2007 on the band’s own label, the band are following this up with another UK tour in April as well as a trip across the pond to see their American friends, following the support of the LA based Rainy Day Records, as well as plugging the single The Insects’ Party on blog forums and podcasts.

The whole Gathering of the Haunted album is now available on iTunes.

"Delightfully odd: this marvellous collection from a band already spreading their wings across the UK melds pop and post-rock with fine musicianship and Daisy Chapman's stunning vocals..."Salvation" is particularly brilliant - kind of like Joss Stone jamming with These Monsters; golden tonsils met bombastic basslines." – The Fly.