Garfields Birthday
Weymouth is a small sea-side town on the Dorset Coast of England. Better known for it's golden beaches, candyfloss and donkey rides...
it also has a remarkably active music scene. It's been the home to some great bands (Orange, Electrasy and The Lucky Bishops)... not forgetting Garfields Birthday.

Garfields Birthday started churning out songs by the truck load in 1995, and played a couple of successful gigs i.a. at the legendary venue TJs in Wales, supporting ex-Inspiral Carpets frontman Tom Hingley and his band The Lovers. They got the chance to record a single for their label. Then one of Garfields Birthday's earliest tracks was released in America by RPM USA on their highly-acclaimed Pop Goes The World album. Their debut album "Peepshow" was released in 1999 by Pink Hedgehog, followed by "Words And Pictures" (2000) and "Chrome Jungle" (2001).

Garfields Birthday have been busy in Bristol's Toy Box Studios in 2005, recording a new single called "Mr Newton", their first new material released for some time now. It is also their first studio recordings with the new line-up of Simon, Shane and Ady.

The sound of Garfields Birthday is guitar based melodic pop stuff with indie, acoustic, and power-pop tendancies. You can convince yourself in the best way by listening to "Mr Newton E.P." It is a special edition for Germany with five instead of three songs on the British version. "Mr Newton E.P." is being released by dandyland on the 10th March 2006.