In the year 2007 Atomic can look back on more than 200 concerts not only in Germany, but also Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and England. Given that we are talking about a German guitar pop-band it is a huge project which helped them to achieve a more than solid reputation among the German-indie-guitar cubculture. The words 'indie' and 'achieve' has to be taken literally here, for the band is not a commercial product of Hamburg/Berlin/Munich/Cologne/Frankfurt but originates in the deep bavarian forest where the twinbrothers Thomas and Rainer Marschel started out in the year 2000 to make their dream come true.

The fact that ATOMIC could not relate to already consisting connections and contacts has always been more of a challenge than an obsticle. After the moth 'do it yourself' they started out and right away earned with their first release -the big issue-in 2002- more than just respect. The mini-album was f.ex. even talked about in the 'NME' and thousands of copies were sold only through their homepage and at concerts and so they made the foundation. For ATOMIC, this success eventually caused the support for Tomte, Madsen and Paul Weller & Gem Archer (Oasis) in Munich on the tour in Germany 2003. The now outcoming album 'Wonderland Boulevard' is a varied mix that leads the appreciative listener on a loud-quite journey through 10 songs. From the killingly rocking 'Monkey Fingers' to the dramatic 'The Shelter' all the way to the quite 'Sweetest Symphony'. The album was made under 'new conditions' since together with the 'heart of the band' Thomas (voc) and Rainer Marschel (voc&g) three new guys entered the band: Markus Schalk (g), Holger Jacob (b) and Daniel Peucker(dr).